What does over/under means in betting

What does overunder means in betting

Sports betting can be profitable, but without a solid strategy and the right approach, you can only lose your money. Therefore, you should first delve into this area, study all its features and choose the appropriate betting option for yourself. We propose to figure out what does over/under means in betting, how such outcomes and strategies work for them. But first things first.

What is Total in sports betting?

Over / Under or total is the number of conventional units, depending on the sport, the number of goals, points, corners or others. At bookmakers, such bets are denoted by the letter T, which is also O – more or U – less, depending on the type of bet.

The bet itself can be placed on the entire match as a whole, separate halves, quarters and others.

Types of bets on Total

In the lines of large bookmakers, three options for total bets are usually offered, namely:

  1. Normal.
  2. Asian.
  3. Three-way.

It is worth considering each of them in more detail and figure out what and when to choose.

Regular Total

This is the main option available for every user in any kind of sports events and almost 100% of bookmakers. It is denoted by such an integer and a half fraction. For example TO 1. or TU 1.5.

Possible outcomes depend on the type of bet, if a bet is made on an integer, for example, TO 1, then:

  1. If the team scores 2 goals, the bet will win.
  2. When 1 goal is scored, the calculation is carried out with a coefficient of 1.0, i.e. refund.
  3. If no goals are scored, then the bet will not play.

In the case of a half fraction, only two options are possible, either winning or losing without returning the bet amount.

Asian Total

This option is represented in the line as decimals with a value of 25 or 75. It may look like TO 0.75 or TU 1.75.

In the case of a bet on the Asian total, the amount is divided into two parts, for example, if you bet on TO 1.75 in 1000 rubles, then the following happens:

  1. A bet of 500 rubles on TO 2 counts.
  2. 500 rubles goes to TO 1.5.

Those, this approach serves as a kind of safety net. If in the end the teams score only 2 goals, then you will receive a win from half the amount, if they score 3, then the full payout.

Three way total

This less popular solution is a bet on the exact total. It can also be referred to as 3way and is calculated in full without a refund.

Those, the better bets on the exact number of goals, if the outcome is “Total 2”, then the better will receive a win only if the teams score 2 goals. If there is more or less, then the bet will not play.

Total betting strategies

There can be quite a lot of strategies for possible bets on totals. But we will highlight a few of the main ones.

TO bets

Here you need to set according to certain criteria. The bet is placed on TO 2.5 under the following conditions:

  1. More than 60% of matches end with more than 3 goals.
  2. Bookmakers give a fairly high odds, at least 1.4.
  3. The away team concedes an average of at least 2 goals per match.

The strategy is quite simple, and in the long run it is quite easy to get a plus.

Total under bets

The second option is betting on TU. They are made on TU 2.5 under the following conditions:

  1. During the last 5 games, the team conceded less than 10 goals.
  2. Opponents score less than 2 goals per game this season.
  3. Bad weather conditions are planned during the match.
  4. Odds for winning teams exceed 2.4.
  5. There will be no top scorers of the teams at the meeting.

These are the basic conditions that must be met in order for the success of the bet to be as successful as possible.

Other betting options

You can also highlight some other possible conditions for bets. This option is called a corridor. Usually they are not welcomed by bookmakers, since this option is a win-win.

This strategy consists in finding possible bets on one event with opposite outcomes and high odds.

It may look like this, for example, one bookmaker believes that only a couple of goals will be scored in the match, which means that a bet on TO 2.5 will have a high coefficient, over 2. Another office may have the opposite opinion and give a coefficient of TU 3, 5 with a coefficient also greater than 2.

The better needs to bet on both of these outcomes, and regardless of the result of the match, he will remain in the black.

How not to lose money on bets?

If you do not want to seriously lose serious amounts on bets, then for this you need:

  1. Designate a certain strategy and stick to it.
  2. Don’t take big risks.
  3. Allocate to the game the amount that you are willing to lose, since betting is a risk.
  4. Keep your bank right.

These are a few small recommendations, which in fact can be given a lot more. Therefore, check out other materials on our website, learn new strategies and choose the ones that suit you.