How do Booking Points work in football betting

How do Booking Points work in football betting

Football betting is a direction with almost endless possibilities. Even the most experienced players are constantly finding something new, developing different strategies and new rules. One of the most popular betting options in sports events is points for cards. Therefore, it is worth understanding in detail How Do Booking Points Work in Football Betting?

What are Booking Points in football?

Simply put, Booking Points are points that are awarded to players depending on the number of yellow and red cards issued to players during a match.

The scoring system is quite simple and clear:

  1. For each yellow card, 10 points are awarded.
  2. Each red gives 25.

As a result, if enough aggressive teams play and the match is held in constant attacks, then a total of up to 70 or more points can be awarded. And it is on them that you can bet, which many bookmakers offer.

In general, everything is quite simple, but it can be easy to get confused with the correct calculation.

For example, if a player receives two yellow cards in a match and then is sent off, then the calculation may be incorrect. Better assumes that 2 yellows and a red are awarded, but in reality this counts as 35 points. Those. 1 yellow (10) and 1 red (25).

What should be considered when betting on cards?

Even the most cautious players can get a red card on the field, but this is unlikely. Therefore, it is worth considering some signs that indicate possible penalties in the upcoming match.

Among these signs are:

  1. Entering the field of players who have often received cards before.
  2. Alleged aggressive play from one of the teams.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to pre-analyze the match, teams and other points. You should not bet without first considering the whole event as a whole. It is not enough just to analyze the style of play of an individual team, you must also take into account its position in the standings, motivation to win, the mood of the team and other points. It is worth considering in more detail the two main factors, teams and players, we will talk about them in more detail.


First of all, you need to look at the game of the teams. Here pay attention to:

  1. Whether the team tends to play aggressively. Analyze the latest matches, see how many cards were issued and which ones. This way you can understand if the team has a tendency to play aggressively.
  2. Is there a direct rivalry between the teams. Analyze if there is a direct rivalry between the teams. For example, when teams from Liverpool and London meet, they usually play hot-tempered and the cards go one after another.
  3. Is there a serious motivation to win. For example, whether we are talking about a cup, or entering a new league.

These are a few points that are important to consider in the analysis.


Analyze the game of individual athletes and see how they behave on the field. For example, if a defensive midfielder enters the field, who constantly actively defends the goal and sometimes attacks, as part of which he receives cards, then it is possible that he will receive them this time as well.

Such players attract fouls and cards like a magnet. And this is also important to consider.


One of the most important moments is the judge, who actually issues the cards. A large number of points play a role here, including the referee’s track record. There are some representatives who try to give out the maximum number of cards per game, while others judge more loyally.

And this is only part of what you should pay attention to when considering and analyzing.

Types of bets on cards

Separately, it is worth considering the types of bets that can be made on cards. And there are several options in general, in particular:

  1. Total. This is the total number of warnings for the entire match. The bet is placed on over or under, as in the case of goals.
  2. The number of cards the team has. You can bet both on the total number and on individual teams.
  3. Handicap on cards. It works in the same way as betting on handicap by goals.
  4. Number of points. It is possible to bet on the whole match, separate halves.

In addition, individual bookmakers offer a large number of other opportunities to bet on cards, both common and separately red and yellow. Therefore, anyone who wants to use such outcomes in their strategy can choose an offer suitable for themselves.

A few tips for newbies

Before placing bets on cards and points, you need to carefully analyze the match, study the statistics of the game of teams and players, find out which referee serves the match, and also study other features.

It is worth considering absolutely every little thing, while evaluating what exactly the players received cards for, whether it was a pattern or a small trifle. And be careful not to lose your money.