How to make money betting on football?

How to make money betting on football

There are user opinions that it is impossible to make money on bets, especially in the long term. Bookmakers work for their own profit, not for clients’ earnings. But in fact, with the right approach, making a profit is quite realistic. And we want to figure out How to make money betting on football? We will analyze all possible options and consider ways to make money in this area.

How can you earn on bets?

In total, there are quite a few ways to start making money on bets, both with risks and practically without them. At least the second option is spoken by those who offer such opportunities. But you should understand that there is absolutely always a risk, and you can lose money at any time. But let’s look at the possible betting options in more detail.


This is one of the most common risk-free betting options. Everything works as simple as possible:

  1. The user places a bet of 1 BC on a certain event.
  2. Next, in the second bookmaker’s office, a bet is made on the opposite outcome.

Thus, regardless of the outcome, the better always remains in the black. The main thing is to correctly look for surebets and place bets.

But here it is worth highlighting an important point – bookmakers oppose arbers and limit them in every way. Therefore, it is worth considering this when choosing a BC.


The second option, which is also positioned as practically safe, is betting on the middles. Here the system can resemble surebets, only the bet is made exclusively on Handicap or Total

Such a corridor looks like this, for example, the team Arsenal and Spartak are playing. In the first bookmaker’s office, you can see the TO 2.5 bet with a coefficient of 2.1, and the second office believes that the teams have different chances and places a TU 3 bet with a coefficient of 2.15.

Thus, if you make bets on both outcomes in different institutions, then in any case the player will be in the black. If the teams score less than 2 goals, then the TU 3.5 bet will play, if more than 3, then TO 2 will play, and if 3 goals are scored, then the outcome falls into the corridor and the client receives 2 wins at once.

But here the situation is the same as with surebets, bookmakers do not like such bettors and block them as much as possible.


These are bets that are made taking into account possible delays in the bookmaker’s quotes. In particular, up to 12 seconds can elapse between a goal scored and a quote change.

For example, you are watching a broadcast of a match, the team has scored a goal, but the bookmaker has not changed the quotes yet. A better bet on an event that has already happened and automatically wins.

But it is quite difficult to catch such events, especially considering the new systems of bookmakers, which react almost instantly. Usually, such bets occur at unpopular championships, where the bookmaker can underperform a little.

Sports betting strategies

The methods considered earlier are not welcomed by bookmakers, and they are not suitable for every better. Therefore, it is also worth mentioning that there are many more suitable solutions.

Betting on certain strategies becomes the main one, i.e. fair bets on real sporting events.

There are a large number of possible options for each user. Among the most common solutions are:

  1. Bets on TO, TU. Those, totals, for which there are a large number of strategies.
  2. Catch up. These are strategies that provide for an increase in the bet after each loss. They are used on certain types of bets, in combination, for example, with strategies on totals or odds.
  3. Bets on favorites and outsiders.

There are literally a few options. There are others, in addition, it is also important to adhere to certain strategies for managing your bank. Sports betting is always a risk, and you have to be prepared to lose your funds, which means that it is definitely not worth risking large amounts.

What is important to remember?

Often beginners make a lot of mistakes when betting. Among them, violation of discipline, large bets without analysis, outcomes of events in which the player does not understand.

Therefore, it is worth being as vigilant as possible, not considering bets as the main source of income, assessing your strengths, chances of profit and other features correctly.

At the same time, you need to allocate for bets only the amount that you are ready to lose. Choose the right strategy for your work, study all the features of bets and other points. In addition, it is important to choose a trusted bookmaker, as scammers can come across online. On our project, you can find separate materials with an analysis of different bookmakers and choose the right solution for yourself. And if necessary, ask for help from our specialists who will give their recommendations.